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I need help finding an old GTA SA Mod


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Hi everyone, this is my 2nd post so I'm still a bit new to gta forum


I was playing an old and awesome classic (gta sa) and wanted to find a mod, but had forgotten the name of the mod, but I can tell you the features.

If anyone know the mods name, please do tell me I would really appriciate it.

The mod was like an ingame console (or trainer) but could do everything, on the bottom of the screen the was like different information(including health) and you would press f11 to bring up a menu and f12 to disable the console (or trainer) or the other way around.


And I would like to know what you guys think of gta v on pc, I connot play the game due to certain circumstances but would very much like to know if this game was worth waiting for (the delays ofcorse).


Thank you for reading this topic.

Edited by ghostriderjoker1839
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You could spawn cars, bikes, boats ect. You can teleport into a car while someone else was driving, you can do a LOT more stuff also that I have forgotten about

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sounds like a normal trainer to me.


Check around on some trainers and you will maybe found it.

Or try to search there you downloaded it if you remember where.


Edit: Sorry for bump.

Edited by Davve95
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  • 4 weeks later...

Was that the s0Beit mod because I used that and it had the same things F11 to open the menu and F12 to close and vice versa. Here's the link: http://blasthack.net/threads/8734/

But my GTA SA single player crashes sometimes while using the mod. So its your choice to use it or not.

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