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Niko Montana

Why did you create a GTAForums account?

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Been lurking here since around 2006 I'd say, originally joined to talk about GTA IV's impending release but lost access to my old account when I didn't visit for so long.

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Georgie GTA

Made my account because of my extreme obsession for the GTA series in general. I wanted to see what this forum had to offer, and it, to this day, it is very very interesting, useful, and nice. Reminds me of the DCS forums, but advanced and updated.

Edited by Georgie GTA

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I joined in September of 2002 after browsing for a couple of weeks. I'd gotten a rip of GTA3 on PC and wanted to install some car mods. I think the first posts I ever made were instigating a flame war with LuminuS in a car thread for no good reason. This was sixteen years ago.


Holy sh*t sixteen years. 


I got involved with the gang scene pretty early on, which was incredibly entertaining for the first few years of the site. Some of the greatest moments from the old days of the forums happened in or because of the gang chat.


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The Hippie

There was a topic on here before the release of GTA V. It was about the Salton Sea and Slab city, and at that time I was reading up on those parts as it's extremely interesting to me. Also, just to get more leaked info on GTA V in general...I was sooo hyped for the release of V.

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