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laptop overheating, making noise and working slow


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I have got a problem with my laptop ASUS N90SV. it overheats after several hours until it shuts down automatically, it makes loud noises (the noise sounds deep and sometimes you can hear a hum. the laptop has also become noticeably slower.


i cleaned the air cooler and the cooling ribs, through which the air flows outside. But the problem is still there.


Does anyone know the reason for the problems? Where does the noise come from? Can I start my laptop with the cover removed, to see if the noise comes from the air cooler?

Edited by Stephan90
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You may wanna replace the thermal paste with a fresh one.

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1. don't use it for gaming.


2. check task manager to see what's using your CPU and causing it to overheat.


3. open the laptop up and clean as much dust/hair/dirt out as you can.


4. replace thermal paste between cpu/heatsink.


5. buy new laptop.

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You should also check if the fan vents are filled with dust. Clean those out regularly.


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Thanks for the hints. I cleaned everything already. I have downloaded a program that shows me the CPU core temperatures. And the temperature rises very fast if the CPU is very busy. It once reached over 100 degrees celsius. Now I am browsing the internet and the temperature is at ca. 50-60 degrees celsius.


It might be the thermal paste. I have never changed it and the laptop is almost 6 years old.


Do you have any tips which thermal paste i should use? Or things I should avoid to do in order to not damage the laptop? I need to use my laptop frequently, so I don't want to damage it.

Edited by Stephan90
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