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R* are starting to ban ppl from gta online over mods

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Mustard Pimp

I would like to see R* add online mod servers . Keep the mod servers and any $ earned on a mod server away from the regular Online servers. I saw a snow mod last week that looked pretty cool and would like to see it in multiplayer.

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Call me an asshole but mods should be used only for single player and not multiplayer.

Imagine the handling mods, these are considered cheating and R* does a good job banning these cheating motherf*ckers.

It's no wonder after the trainers that works for online. Go on, R*, ban those filthy cheating kids!

If you want to use mods (who doesn't) do yourself a flavor and do it only in SP.


Asshole (as you requested) :p


I agree, man. Alexander made his hook to work only in SP, but someone hacked it or made their own, now they released it and people are getting banned. But you know what? I bet those people *mostly* all, at least for a couple minutes, trolled with their trainer-powers and caused complaints to come in at R* and caused news coverage of hackers dawning in the game etc.


Indeed, SP only. I don't think it's safe though. I won't use mods. I am really into mods. I spent a lot of time helping SA modding and I knew Kam and I had those scripts before anyone else in the world and had the first models in SA that came from those scripts. Miss that guy. Anyway - it's 2015, and that was 2004, unreal engine and unity make life easier than modding any game, let alone games which it's unsupported. in 2004, Unreal was 3 million dollars to start. Now it's free and makes the old engine look like utter garbage and 5% is not a lot to ask.


It is a FEAT and it's REALLY COOL that people have the TALENT to mod this game and even that IV got that far before it (I watched development of GIMS close and I was impressed at the ambition and plans more than anything, very much so, I wish GIMS dev will show me his other scripts, I coulda maybe watched closer).


But I really want these talented people to open their eyes to OPPORTUNITIES provided by people like Unity and Epic and use their talents to make themselves some fresh IP and good money while they are at it. I wish that people would shift from mod mentality to development mentality, because life is truly easier now for that, and they can do a lot more than they will ever be able to do with a GTA game from here out.


Give Rockstar devs a game to play. Like they give us, that's all I'm saying. Give them something new to play. Like they give us with their games.


And, call ME an asshole, but if the developer puts an FOV slider in and goes the extra length to limit it, it makes it clear in my book that it is a design and gameplay choice, and people should either sit further back, go with multiple monitors, or take what was released and ASK for better FOV options, because if you just use a hack to do it yourself, you have circumvented the development and nullified the license! I respect people who need higher FOV, but if it was limited, it was on purpose for a reason (ala CoDMW2 where 65fov was a conscious "force you to look around" and actually have to check your sides gameplay-design decision instead of seeing 3 directions at once, WHICH made that game a lot better and a lot of high level skill players still play it for that reason - they get banned for FOV hacks there, too, even though the game supports multiple monitors and widescreen, the developer had a vision, and the FOV unlockers break the vision).


Quake/CSS modders began making their own game in CoD. Now they are the standard in proper FPS action (and they have fallen off more and more with each game after peaking with MW2 as the best tdm FPS ever released).


What games do NOT exist just because people mod GTA instead of make their own game better than GTA like how CoD is infinitely better than CS and Quake? Think about it. What games do not exist just because people insist on hacking gta instead of make their own?


What awesome possibly-even-better-than-GTA game doesn't exist just because people are still modding instead of OWNING IP? You see?


I LOVE game modding. But when Unreal and Unity are free now (unity has improved their free terms a great deal with Unity5) and make you powerful enough to make your own game with support from communities bigger than all Rockstar studios combined (which studios do NOT support your needs by point of policy) - then, well... MAKE A f*ckING GAME ffs! One where YOU support modding and now we have a GAMING REVOLUTION. <3


But people are scared. Or not confident enough. They shouldn't be scared and should have confidence. There would be no chop without modders. If you stopped modding GTA and started making games, YOU would be the new rockstar. f*ck MODDING. IT'S THE PAST! THEY MAKE THE GAME BY STEALING YOUR MOD IDEAS LOL. They do it with good intentions, to give you what you clearly want enough to make yourself. MAKE A REAL GAME. FOR THE INTERNET. MAKE IT OPEN LIKE YOU WISH GTA WAS.


Chop, in 2008:





Shouts to Rebel.


What I want to hear, because I know there are good reasons, is, "why" and I want them to be GOOD reasons why do you mod instead of make your own game - the great question science can never answer is "why" - Why do people mod when they can be profitable AND have even MORE fun than mods can ever in a million years give them BECAUSE you will support mods from the start on purpose and let people be free by making your OWN GAME with your OWN VISION to support your OWN WISHES. How awesome do you think it is for Rockstar to see us enjoying their GAME especially when compared to a little mod

... Make a game. PM me. I will tell you more. Stop modding. Make games instead. You will beat notch over the head because he is a twinkie turd. Make a f*cking game. For Rockstar, if not for yourself, and if not for me. Kifflom.


And let's attack the scene a little, in the name of Take2, Rockstar, Activision, and even 3d Realms with lazy ass George the passionate retweaker... and... against all unholy that is [and arguably "was"] EA....: f*ck DEMOS. MAKE BONEFIDE GAMES AND GAME ENGINES, YOU SCENETARDS.

Edited by CrisFormed

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Paladin Goo


Is Steam the best version to get for this game for convenience or are they all the same incl disc versions?


I want to try and avoid the bloatware that came with GTA IV from what I can remember was Social Club

You dont need social club for the steam version, yet you can use it anyway ingame to join friends games, otherwise you need to use steam to join other people's games. I use both.


That is literally the most uninformed post I have ever seen.


Yes, cause animals in video games weren't done before that mod, and Rottweilers aren't a popular choice of dog in the depicted demographic.


Seriously, think before you speak.

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