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Lag/FPS Drop Issue


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So I got GTA V for PC today. I'm enjoying the game so far. But I'm getting this little lag/FPS drop issue. I did have the game at the highest settings, so I lowered them a bit. Then the game ran ridiculously smoothly. But then the game started lagging again. I don't know what's causing the lag. My PC specs are as follows: i7 4720HQ CPU, GTX 860M GPU, and 16 GB of RAM. Anyway I can fix this issue I'm having?


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Hello lightninglord,

You can open you task manager and find gta5.exe process and set priority to high,also if gtavlauncher.exe is running too,set the priority to low,see if helps. :)

Good luck!

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Well, I lowered my game settings more. (Ugh.) Now the game is running without the issue. But now the game will stutter a little for no reason.

Edited by LightningLord


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Try alt tabbing the game or toggling v sync off and on again, I have to do this everytime I start the game otherwise my framerate goes from 60 to 30 in grassy areas, I guess it's a bug that needs to be patched (others reported the same thing).

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I got the game the day it was released and it ran great-smooth, I was surprised. I have the min req vid card they actually name in min req's., 2gb gtx 660.

now after this 353mb patch today May 1st, it ran Horrible! all stutters and completely unplayable! specs are i7 3.4, 16Gb ram, and the gtx 660 vid card 2Gb.

so my NVidia update was saying they had a new driver (350) specifically for GTA V, I had 347. so I put it in and set it to 'performance' in the NVidia card settings, its better than it was with occasional slowdown an doesn't look as good as first days of playing. the patch made video worse! how? wth would they do that?

did you see theres 4! social club subprocesses? further down in task Mgr . theyre like 10000, 16000, 39000, and one 141000. I set these all to 'low' priority too.

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