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[V|REL/WIP] Fuel Script


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Ok, thanks but for some reason the only why I could get it to paste here was to flick that light switch looking icon on the top left, or else nothing would happen ffs. Anyways, this is the location of the RON gas station near Franklins first house I mentioned. Please add for next update.



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This mod stops working when starting a mission from this mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/trucking-missions
It only stops working after starting the mission. Even if I cancel/finish the mission, it never works again until the game is restarted.
The gas station blips continue on the map, but the fuel bar is gone, and we cant refill at any gas station or with the jerry can.

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Well after further investigation I found that its the trucking missions mod that breaks all LUA mods/the LUA loader, because my other LUA mods stopped working too.

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[Fan Request]


"Gas Station Franchise"

-Each Gas Station should have a readable statistic (dependent on the area's population, expected salary and other Gas Station prices = Demand) telling how many customers on average, it receives and depending on this, how many cars visually stop to refuel, yielding relatively realistic amounts of money for the specific Station.

-The Player can then invest or simply buyout a station or stations in the area, by an interface that opens either on: a Corporate Business Website, using a Phone Call to a Banking Manager/Legal Advisor or by showing up to a enterable skyscraper in the middle of Los Santos with its own NPC office workers.

-After the Player invests_in/purchases a Station they will receive a weekly "cut" on the average income with the added perk that they don't have to pay for gas at that specific Station, if they are the owner.

-The Player can change the cost of gas at any of the owned Stations or a collection of them at once, but if too high, the competitor's (all the other stations) frequency of customers will raise instead. The sweet spot for the selling price can be determined using the calculus concept of "sales maximization" starting from a made-up Demand function. It will be the task of a deductive fan to observe the statistics and determine a closely matching demand function in order to obtain the maximum price that they can set for maximum automated profit, of which they may freely choose to share online.


Engaging Gameplay Update:

-Naturally, any Gas Station owned by the Player which is robbed will cause the Player to lose profit. A dynamic, optional side mission could occur where the Player will have the opportunity of tracking down the reported Car (by License plate and picture of the car) parked outside a hideout of the criminals which is likely to have stashes of cash (in addition to the ones they stole from the Player's business).

-Sometimes the Player may be nearby during the robbery and if not, a temporary map marker will be placed on the robbers' car so that the Player can reach there in time to have the option to give chase. The Player in this case can choose to either take them down and return/not return the money or patiently tail the criminals to their hideout.

The frequency of criminals that show up are dependent on the cost of gas (>4$ per gallon) and how profitable the Station is (>10,000$ weekly).

-Depending on a Player's playstyle, they can choose to either: balance the gas prices properly and have a continuous stream of automated profit or recklessly raise prices and risk having very few customers with the more frequent appearance of hordes of criminals and lots of hideouts to raid for immediate cash.


Rogue Player Consequences:

-If the Player blows up one of their own Stations they will be forced to pay for the repair damages or have it temporarily reclaimed.

-If the Player kills or starts a shootout within the business skyscrapper against the NPCs, all owned properties will be revoked and the Player will no longer have the option of purchasing again, effectively uninstalling the mod in-game.

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I was interested in bringing back this mod by converting it to C# and making it a more native mod without the need of LUA Plugin.

Converting it to C# will give me more options like making a proper fuel bar that stays automatically above the minimap, native UI and better input options and more.

But I don't have much experience in C# so it would take a lot of time if I try to make it myself.

So if you are interested and would like to see this mod improve and you are experienced with C# send me a pm so we can work together.


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Does anyone know how to work this mod alongside LSPDFR? I have the mod installed and it shows on the map etc. however the mod has no functionality. Any help or info on when an update for it being supported would be very much appreciated ❤️

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Completely rewritten the code from scratch. New version features many new additions (mentioned in the description) while keeping the simplicity that made this mod popular.


If you where using any previous versions please delete the "FuelScriptV.lua" from the "scripts/addins" folder. It's incompatible and might cause conflicts.

Feel free to report any bugs in the comments.

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