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[V|REL] GTA V Mod Manager (GTAVMM)


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GTA V Mod Manager


• What is it ?

GTA V Mod Manager is a tool to manage your different mods on GTA V easily.


• Screenshot :



• Video :



• How to use ?

Download GTAVMM with the link below, then install it (The tool need to be installed in the GTA V installation directory).

For installing mod, just select the mod you want and click on download (install required mods).

Then check the mod you want and launch the game with the green button, enjoy :)


• Official Website : http://gtavmm.edgekiller.fr/

or direct link : http://gtavmm.edgekiller.fr/setup.exe

Requirements : Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5


For suggestions, errors, questions : [email protected]

Edited by edgekiller
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Awesome work!

This is going to be extremely useful. :catloaf:


Thank's, i will add mods when Script Hook will be updated.

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Installing it into my GTA V Directory and it fails to launch.

Saying needs to be installed into directory yet it is, this is a steam GTA btw so its in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V

Still wont launch??

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Do you run it as an administrator ? Is there a error message ?

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so do the mods only work when the boxes are checked, and can there be an option that disables the mods for when i want to play online?

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You have to uncheck all mods and restart the game.

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Uhhhh very nice thing you got going on there, but how would you go about keeping the mods up to date?


EDIT: just checked, it seems to link you to the gtaforums post. I mean it's still cool, I was expecting something like NMM where you can enable disable etc which is a nice idea for a future version, what do you say?

EDIT2: wait, it downloads it? So again, how do you keep it updated?

Edited by Ricioz
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so are you planning on having everysingle mod listed, because im sure there will be hundreds of mods soon, would it not be better to just have the manager work like nexus mod manager, where you can search for a downloaded mod on your pc and add it to the current mods list.

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Oh i'm sorry, but the steam version seems to dont have a file, i will fix this now ;)


Edit : I have fixed this problem, just download again the setup and install, sorry again.

Edited by edgekiller
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