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Stuttering fix for SOME AMD systems with SSD devices.


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Firstly, my system specs.


AMD FX8150 8 core @ 4.2, dominator RAM 8G @1728mhtz, sabertooth 990FX MB, 2x 120G Solid state Hard Disc, 1200W Antec power sup, 2x6990 ATI card but for this I turned crossfire off so effectively 1x6990ATI video with 2g effective VRAM. The video card is dual GPU but GTA5 does not recognise the second GPU or its VRAM. So the card becomes a 2g card not a 4gVRAM card.

500GB mechanical drive, set with no page file.

I built this PC roughly 3 years ago, I am in the process of building a new one.

I have tried to get GTA to run better on this machine because the new one is a month or two away.



On C drive I have a clean install of Windows 7 and steam games but not GTA5 , Avast and ati catalyst centre. Nothing else is installed on C.

All other games/programs are on F drive.

GTA5 is on F drive, a solid state drive.


This fix is only useful to people with a Solid State Hard drive set up.


The game has some sort of system RAM leak.

This fix will not stop the stuttering that , that causes but will lessen it to a degree.


SO I start a game, the system RAM shows around 3 to 4G of use, fine, the CPU shows 1 to 7% overhead [squiggly red line squiggly red line] and 60% overall useage.....The games loads the intro video and the CPU goes to 100% and lags out the intro video. Hands up who hasn't experienced that ever ? !!! So start playing the game system RAM hovers around 3 to 4 G for 10 to 15 minutes, then starts creeping up to the full 8G I have installing in this system. Then as your driving, stuttering starts to creep in, more and more.

So the system starts to page file ! NO, in fact its been using page filing the whole time, I have no clue why it uses page file and not just system RAM but it does.

I turn off page file for all drives its a horrific experience.

And when it does crash windows has a brainfart because its got no pagefile to use to write a logfile of the event ! doh !


If I put 12G of page file on C drive I find the game runs extra smooth with just a chug here and there in the thick of the city, a huge improvement.

The difference for me is like, 12FPS to 60 playable.

Its like I just started the game again.


It seems unlike system RAM where it can all be addressed by a RAM leak in the game code and wasted, the pagefile system cant do that and doesn't all get used giving the game room to address more pagefile as RAM constantly.

If I put 12 G of pagefile on F drive [where the game is] the stuttering doesn't stop, if you bring up task manager you can see that the cpu is trying to retrieve data and send data to the same drive and causes CPU overheads. [That squiggly red line squiggly red line again ! ]

The 8150 series AMD cpu is getting old. It just doesn't seem to be capable of handling enough threads.


So setting page file on the solid state drive that the GAME IS NOT on, [ C drive ] was the best fix for me on this old AMD system. Setting it to 8G and 12 G made no difference for me.

Speeding up the system RAM from 1600mhtz to 1728 only had very minor gains.

Overclocking the CPU from 3.6 to 4.2 made very minor gains.


Me doing all of these things, game has gone from unplayable to playable and enjoyable, the odd glitch here and there I can live with like most could.


All computers are different and you might have an identical system on paper to me and these fixes might still not work, in the PC world, its trial and error.


I also run the BETA ATI driver.

Note that SSD devices can only be written to so many times before going to PC heaven.


The game needs a proper driver and the game need patching to address the RAM use-age issues thousands of people are experiencing.

Edited by piddlefoot
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This would explain why I havent seen any stuttering on any system I have here (3, all with different CPU/GPU combos), GTA is on an SSD and the pagefile is on a different SSD.

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