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(Xb1) Rally event. $200K winner


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LoS Sponsored Event - Baja Rally Madness


Welcome to LYTZ Out Society's first ever social organized event - Baja Rally Madness! A Rally Tournament featuring Karin Rebels (ONLY!) where participants will be competing to win a $200,000 GTA$ cash prize! We will start things off with Two rounds of qualifying, with the top-10 posted lap speeds advancing to the first race. The first race will be a 5 lap rally circuit race which 5 out of 10 drivers will be advancing to the final race. The final race will be a time trail which drivers will race to their fullest potential that will test their speed, control, and precision driving. The driver with the fastest time will be rewarded with the $200k cash prize.

For those who are not racing in the tournament but would like to participate in the event, or has been eliminated in qualifying, there is selected areas during the race were you can watch from safely but close to the action. Also, there is a demo derby pit were you can have fun and demolish other cars by ramming into them without disrupting the tournament.




We will be hosting this in an Invite Only lobby. REMEMBER This is a passive event, no guns, shooting or any aggressive behavior allowed. this isn't a regular GTA Online session.

Time of Event: Friday 5/1/15 Qualifying @ 9pm est. Tourney starts @ 10pm est

Occupancy 15min-30max

Qualifying participants:15

Race 1 participants: 10
Race 2 Participants 5

Time Officials: 1

Officials: 6
monitoring and watching for foul play such as cheating, short cuts, tampering, ramming excessively, shooting/attacking other players, aggressive foul language



Rules of the event


Have a mic
Vehicle restriction: Karin Rebel (dirty or clean)
You may upgrade it fully if so and customize it to your liking.
Racers must NOT be in passive mode
NO vehicle armor. Keep it at 'none' (realistically there is damage in a rally race between cars)
NO Bulletproof tires
Stay on track. If you cut from the track you will be penalized in seconds according to how much of a gap it would be which would then be added to your total time and you will get shot in one tire by an official. 2 tire pops...your disqualified.
Do not equip ANY weapons (including the flare gun). It will show us aggressive behavior which you'll be killed on sight then kicked.
NO WEAPONS OR ATTACKING other players. If you need to zoom in, use your cell phone not a sniper rifle.
ABSOLUTELY NO COPS under no circumstances. if they show up the person who they were after will be kicked.
Listen and respect every official. Any conflict, misconduct or misbehavior will get you kicked and/or banned from our events.
Ramming is allowed but to a extent.

You MUST qualify at 9pm to be in the rally event.



Reply with your Gamertag or send me a msg online If your would like to Qualify. First come first serve. We will have a reserve to take your place if you do not show

Official Qualifiers Will Be Posted here:



Attendees here

This is for Xbox One Only. Add me LoS iNamiK to keep tabs on this and next event because this is just one of MANY events featuring different styles of racing, cars, etc that LoS will be hosting including bigger cash prizes in the future. Any questions or comments posts below.

Edited by iNamiK
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