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Oracle Vs Oracle XS?


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Is there a difference between an original Oracle and an Oracle XS? I didnt even know there was an XS version until I saw it in the website thing. Is there more customizations? Or does the car suck no matter which version?

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It's very different. Not even the same car.





Oracle XS (this one was in GTA IV too)



Credit for the pictures go to GTA.Wikia

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I wouldn't say suck, that's a strong word.


However, the Oracle is very fast, and handles well for it's size. Once modded it's a bullet.


I currently own both versions, and I'd say the XS variant is more suited for long highway type races, or very fast cruising. It also handles well given it's size.


The Oracle, I think, has the better acceleration of the two.


I like em both enough to own them.


Another way to look at them is the Oracle is based on the M5, while the XS is more 7 Series.

Edited by AllNighter1
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I, for one, prefer the Oracle. I've had both of them [Oracle & XS], and have only kept the Oracle.

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I have a fully modded, with stock wheels and paint (No other exterior mods available) Oracle XS, it's probably the ultimate sleeper in the game (apart from a visualy stock but fully modded sultan).


Hilarious fun to use whilst going off radar and sneaking up on people.


Very capable cars, I also have an Oracle lowrider, deep pink/purple on chrome wheels.


I love the Oracle's.

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Oracle XS can now be sold to LSC for $8200,before heists it was $8000.Price of Oracle stayed the same,$8000.

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Top one is the newer model pretty much

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I prefer the newer Oracle. Metallic black with limo tint windows, a real hitman or heist car :)

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