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Golf Updates


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I realize there are likely too few golf players in GTA to make it worthwhile for the developers to spend any time on this game mode, but here it goes...If they have 2 hours to spare, heres what I think can be done that would have a significant refresh effect without having to actually do much.


1- Change the hole location on every green.


2- Allow us to play the full 9 holes out of order. (Currently you can start at hole 5, but have to end at hole 9 rather then completing the course on hole 4.)


I realize this is not Tiger Woods and only a mini-gamed, but I enjoy the heck out of it and hope it grows with GTA online.


Any other golf fans?


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How about a couple new golf modes like real golf; closest to the hole, bingo bang bongo.

Beer cart?

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I'd take em all, but I don't think Rockstar is going to spend any significant time further developing golf when there is so much else to improve upon in the core game.


Heres to hoping though.

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Maya Echo Visari

I actually own a copy of Tiger Woods PGA. A copy that I've only played about once. However don't twist my words, I used to like playing PGA back on PS2.


I find myself gravitating often toward Grand Theft Auto V's golf mini-game. For a mini-game, it's really good. I know somebody who thoroughly enjoys PGA games, and they agree - if there were more courses, PGA would be obsolete. I hope down the road we get some new courses, or all of the above posts^


Personally, I'd love to see mini-golf out in Blaine County, Grapeseed or Paleto Bay. Or on the roofs of some high-end apartments. IRL, mini-golf is attractive to a wide audience, so I bet this could be a fun way to introduce the mechanics to people less familiar with the country club. The country club has quite the learning curve, perhaps mini-golf could grease the gears?


New golf courses in general would be nice. Maybe add a driving range so people can practice and work on their strength. There's a lot that can be done outside the city.

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a new course or mimi golf would be wicked


mini golf especially

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They should add another golf course in Sandy Shores...but a mini golf course so you have the course looking like this:


I would definitely like a sh*tty minigolf course with big plastic clowns that has the paint fading - a minigolf course from the 70's that looks like it was shut down 20 years ago and legend says that they shut it down because one clown ate a child or something. I mean, yeah it would be cool to choose a "random" option for hole order and different objectives/rules for golf to spice it up but I got tired of seeing that fancy lawn only weeks after GTA:O came out. I found golf SUPER cool and was amazed by it but it's the location that I just don't like. I never was one for nice cars and suits, anyway.

Edited by livejoker
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I started golfing to boost my strength stat and actually sort of fell in love with it so I'd welcome a bit of an update.

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GrandMaster Smith

I wish they'd tidy up the physics with the golf balls. At times they'll just roll to a sudden stop. I really enjoy the golf in V but something about it makes it feel like a Lego Golf game or something..


If the golfball physics was tightened up a mini-golf course would be amazing, but at the state it's at right now I can just see it being really frustrating.

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If you think what your asking can be done in "two spare hours" then you obviously no nothing of making games , that said a mini golf game of some sort would be fun , along with other sports , like pool and bowling having been in previous games should have been in this one too

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I'm down for these additions, but considering Rory McIlroy PGA 15 will be out in about a month or two, and that it comes with some over-the-top scenarios, like a battleship crashing into the golf course, I'll be moving on to that. :p



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