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Niko Montana

Characters You Can't Stand

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Posted (edited)

Replaying TLAD. 


man I hate the lost and can't stand their lifestyle. They live like little Trevors but at least he is insane. These guys are disgusting. 

Edited by TheSantader25

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The fabulous Bank Heist crew in Vicecity. 


Phil Cassidy - you are redneck with a gun welcome to the team.

Hilary - you are neurotic, maybe because you have a woman's name.

Cam Jones - least annoying too bad we only use him for one heist. 

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On 3/8/2018 at 3:38 PM, jaljax said:


Carl Johnson

Big Smoke



Little Jacob

Mori Kibbutz


Brian Jeremy


Armando Torres

Henrique Bardas

Manny Escuela

Rocco Pelosi



Devin Weston

Steve Haines

So basically you don't like blacks , Hispanics, jews , white trash and the feds.  JK

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On 7/24/2018 at 12:41 AM, Typhus said:

Let's forget Trevor for a second. He's a ten year old's idea of what a good character should be, there's no point reiterating the problems with him.

Now, discounting him, what really hobbles the story of V is Michael's family. They're a grotesque horror show. His wife is openly committing adultery and is a transparent gold digger, his daughter apparently wants to prostitute herself to get marginally famous, and his son is a f*cking worthless lying twat.

At no point in the game, not once, did I sympathise with any of them, or care about what happened to them. On the contrary, I wanted them all to die. Michael, the pathological liar and backstabber, actually came out of that game looking like a good man compared to them. How do they even do that?


His family are proof of Rockstar's shortcomings as writers. They're so concerned with satire, they fail to see how making characters that disgusting removes their purpose in the story. For the story to work, we needed to like them and understand their reasoning and want Michael to reconcile with them. And you know what? Having genuinely nice, normal, morally grounded characters in a GTA game would have been an awesome change of pace. I wanted Michael's relationship with them to feel genuine, like it was with John Marston, but instead it became as immature and worthless as the rest of the game.

Back in North yankton they were normal.  Los santos and vine wood turned them into that as Michael told franlin. That along with michaels apathy the constant drinking in his backyard wasting away by the poolside pitying himself not doing a thing is part of what caused their present state.

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