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Was "North Yankton" DLC a thing before?


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From what I've heard, it was supposed to be a DLC but people were so impatient that they tried to mod it. Can anyone confirm this?

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No, it wasn't. There once was a fake DLC "leak" from "theNGclan", a gtaforums member, I think that was shortly after GTA V's release on Xbox 360 and PS3. Can't remember which thread it was or if it got deleted, maybe there are some people here who can post a link.


But there is absolutely no factual hint that North Yankton will be an upcoming DLC.


There are mods for North Yankton, though, like implementing it into GTA IV.

Edited by Mintal
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The North Yankton "DLC" was nothing more than an elaborate hoax created by 'theNGclan'. For that he won the 'Worst Troll of 2013' forum award.


Also, there is this topic for all NY discussion. :)

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It was a hoax that, after being found out as a hoax, ended up being made a mod for IV, which also fell to the same fate

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Haha, good old Ngclan. He must have had great laughs, man I can't even imagine him sitting on his chair with his evil plans seeing people left right saying ''sh*t sh*t ITS CONFIRMED!!'' While he is clapping his hands together and having an evil grin.

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I knew ngclan was trolling since the moment I saw his mutant ninja turtle avatar.



Edited by BOSS 1992
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But yeah, the DLC was a hoax.

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It's real guise.

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