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Some Siggies


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Hello :)

Still a bit new around here! I was browsing the forums when I found this section. :D I am not the greatest, but I wanted to share some siggies I've done in the past. ^^


I am pretty much only self taught. Lots of just messing around until I get the results I want. <_< I've been a bit on hiatus in the last little while but have been thinking of picking up on it again. I like to do things like signatures, banners, and sometimes photomanips for practice.


Most of this is all newer from the last 6 months or so. Well some of the better pieces I've tried. :) I have many many many more from over the years. :D (Probably somewhere near/over 300).


Practice makes perfect (one day!)


Preamble aside! Here is some of me stoofz.










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These are really awesome! I love the special effects and vivid colors that you used :)


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Those look pretty sweet! Loads of detail. i use to mess around with photoshop a little while ago and made some sigs i think its a pretty fun hobby

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