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My Drunk Hero


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I've been playing Grand Theft Auto since the first game. I wasn't really into GTAIV, although I played it some, but since the PC release of GTAV, I've really fell in love all over again. This game has gone straight to my heart. I've had an account here for some time, but haven't really posted before.


I like to get creative with my games, and since I'm modding Skyrim and it takes up most of my free time, I wouldn't have time to mod this one. Therefore I was pleased to see the inclusion of the Rockstar video editor, which, for me, is a brand new way to be creative. I've been wasting my time doing a couple of videos featuring a homeless NPC who I've made into my own little movie star.


I'll be posting my films with the Drunk Hero here for everyone to enjoy. There are a couple of small problems, but overall, they're really fun to create and work well enough. Give them a thumbs up on YouTube if you like them.







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Took me all evening this one. It's a little dedication to the cult classic film Convoy. I grew up with it, and was happy to hear its theme song included in Grand Theft Auto 5 as well.

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