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Sony Smart Watch 2


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Hi all


Hope you can help me.

For my Birthday my girlfriend bought me a Sony Smart Watch 2 which is Android. Unfortunately I have a Windows phone so I am pretty much shagged there.


I attempted to get it going via my android tablet (Asus Memo Pad HD7) which has android 4 installed which is the minimum specs for the watch to work but after pairing via Bluetooth the tablet and the watch and downloading the smart connection app as required the watch screen sits with a picture of the face of the watch with an arrow pointing to the smart connection icon with the text 'smart connection' above it. I go into the smart connection app and smart Watch shows up as an accessory in there but no options to do anything with it even when highlighted. The set up guide supplied by Sony is as useful as a chocolate teapot so I went online to see if either I or my tablet were doing something wrong. It would appear we were not.


I then paired the watch up with my girlfriends phone which is android the watch then started to go through the initial stages of set up. Don't get me wrong. The watch face was doing nothing interesting, but it had changed screen which was a victory after 4hrs of trying via tablet. On my girlfriends phone it started the procedure of setting up clock face etc. The screen on the watch still had very little going on.


My questions are


Are these watches only used with phones and not tablets and do you have to complete the set up fully in order to get a clock face.


This was only bought because the smart watch has a digital analogue clock face option and I have wanted a watch like that since my old one fell down a cliff into the Mediterranean Sea in 1987


Any advice appreciated as always

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Riddle solved.


Even though I have Android 4.2.2 on my tablet the smart watch is Bluetooth 4.0 which apparently is only available on android 4.3.0 and above (something to do with smart technology). It would appear my tablet may not support 4.3.0 as I have had no update but will check online.


Thread can be locked. Cheers

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