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OK, when will we have riots for blacks killing blacks?


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Just making an obvious point.


Blacks represent 13% of the population but commit 50% of the murders; 90% of black victims are murdered by other blacks,"


Let's just pretend that it's the cops that are doing most of the work killing off our race. In the meantime we are literally just destroying our neighborhoods.


I just want to start off by clarifying that I am 100% black mind you. And no, I am not mixed. So do not comment on here saying childish remarks saying I am a "racist" "want to be white" etc. etc.


So please let us have an intelligent conversation here; because it seems that the maturity level on this website is quite surpassingly scarce to be quite frank with you. If that is too much to handle for you, please do us a favor and don't comment please.


Anyways, I just want to say that I am completely ashamed and embarrassed regarding these protest that have been occurring recently. Especially what happened yesterday . I just don't understand why everyone is trying to put race into play. This "black lives matter" saying is just simply getting exploited. But guys, let's use our heads for once today..were are all Americans here right? At least most of us. Don't all lives matter? How is this even protesting? From my understanding and looking at the news, people are robbing and looting stores such as this CVS. It seems that it was on fire as well. The reason I am against the whole "black lives matter" is because we should be concerned for everyones lives not just one race. What about the staff that was working at CVS yesterday? Their lives do not f*cking matter? Are you kidding me kid? Now these guys cannot go to work tomorrow because these people want to be idiots instead of protesting in a non-violent way. (Anyone remember the civil rights movement?) They are just as bad as some of these gay ass cops. (Not every cop is bad dude though ) People have bills to pay and children to feed and now they cant work because of this stupid fiasco.


Martin told us to judge people by content of character..not their skin color. Additionally, Martin also said something that I think most of you guys are forgetting. It comes from the declaration of Independence: "Every man is created equal".


Moral of the story is that for us Americans, ALL LIVES MATTER. Every single American life matters in this country you morons. We need to unite as one and put this color thing into the past. It's 2015 for the love of God not 1915!! We need to look at each other as individuals! Not "this my White, Black, Asian friends." Why does color matter if were American at the end of the day? People who bring race into this are just weird or have some type of weird disdain towards the white people of today (who had nothing to do with slavery, Jim Crow etc etc.) but it is seems that the finger gets pointed to them for no reason at all. Kinda weird.... :lol: :lol::lol::lol:


All lives matter, not just one race. ;)

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Want to rant? Use the share your feelings topic.

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When will you make a topic which isn't unmitigated sh*t?

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