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XB1 Doing All Heists Then Making A Guide


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I'm looking for 3 xb1 players to do all heists and set ups over the next few days so I can get enough footage to post a guide


While there are some perfectly good guides here already, most don't use all the methods I do and lack the pics, gifs and video that I will be using


I have done all heists and setups numerous times and have good methods for each and every one


I'm normally easy going and will take any role but as the point of this is to make a guide there will be certain roles that I will be doing to get the footage I need ie driving the tanker / flying the chopper and so on this goes for plans too


I'm afraid I must insist on this but I assure you my methods are easy and work consistently, I'm sure many here use the same ones too, not trying to take credit for all of them but you may come across 1 or 2 you haven't seen before


There will also be times where I may stop briefly to take a screenshot or end recording but I am 99% certain it will not compromise the mission, there will also be times where heists are restarted to get footage of plan b, not many no more than 3 different set ups and finals


Each player will need a mic, I must insist on this too, although if you can hear me and follow the plan I may make an exception as long as at 1 other person has a mic


This is a great chance for those who have yet to do the all in order and loyalty challenges as well as learning some great tips and tricks and having fun while giving back ( in a very small way ) to the community that has helped me many times over, you never know it might even filter through to some randumbs too!


I'm happy to host or as crew if you want to clear your board


Cuts will be 25% ( from me at least )


As of right now I'm looking to do one heist per day starting at 20:00 gmt, but this is not set in stone


Thanks for reading let me know if you are interested!



Edited by Ezekeil2Ofive17
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Im free to just add me No Man Lander5 (My voice may be squeaky but I am 14 XD) And could we maybe do it from my end. i have been wanting to complete the heists for ages but people always quit when we fail :/

Edited by ScotOfTheDay
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ok thats cool anyone else?


starting in around an hour

Edited by Ezekeil2Ofive17
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I added you but you weren't online at 8 half 8ish



Yes I was I also sent you an invite and got no response

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I'll join you tomorrow night. Just done them all in order on the 360 and X1 but would like to do them all with the same four people on the Xbox One GT Freddy1 Krueger

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By the way I done the first setup for the prison break yesterday so we will have to do the first setup from you end. Sorry

Edited by ScotOfTheDay
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I will be sending out invites inn about 30 mins

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Sorry guys I had a broadband problem :/. I can only be on until 10GMT so sorry if that messes up your schedule :(

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Still looking for players to do this will be on in about 2 hrs if anyone is interested

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