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Parik's Workshop

Recommended Posts


Here is an update




Devil Pony! - Download


also , Jeansowaty and I have made a Beretta M9 for GTA IV





Will be released soon :) Released see below.

Edited by Parik

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GTA 1 Hotrod (modelled from scratch based on sprites was lazy to do the engine , so the engine is ripped from gta sa )


  • Needs MVL to be added ingame
  • 8 Colors

Grab it

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I'm going to do a new mod for GTA VC

The Devil Tommy!



It's rigged , need to fix some things though



will replace player.dff though

Edited by Parik

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Why don't you release that pitchfork, as a pack?

Edited by ermaccer

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Long time.


Here's a release



Shoe Car!

Download : http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=29144


Also something WIP



Ramp Buggy from GTA:Online

The model was made from scratch based on the images of ramp buggy.

Therefore , it suits the lq environment of gta vc.

Collision is okish , need to do some tweaking, have a look



Edited by Parik

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I've updated the OP to reflect other mods that i have made

OK. Here are more releases.



4 Door Esperanto v2.0

The older version had tonnes of bugs , this one eliminates them all.

It has new collision , carcols and fixed rear doors


Also as announced earlier. The Beretta M9 is now released



Thanks to Jeansowaty for WTD , WeaponInfoXML and ofcourse the Idea :D.


Along with the weapons , peds and vehicles , I'm now also developing scripts.

The scripts will be released soon enough when they are ready.

Edited by Parik

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