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Tree edges, and Brightness [PC} Euro DVD


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Guys, i’m kind worried and frustrated with all these steam patches, downgrades and ps2 resurrection mod...


I took my original euro dvd with gta sa, installed it without any patches on my modern laptop, with win7 and geforce 660m, and would like to consult is everything as it should be. Two thigs worries me:


Some half-transparent edges on trees. Is that normal? And if not, how can i fix it?



Some parts of game are too bright, is that normal?


Edited by vorob_
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I've experienced almost all of these.


It was 11 years ago.


I'm sure it was extremely difficult to get the game to where it ended up. There might not have been a way for them to fix these things.



Perspective ;)



Vorob_, the first image is a result of the way textures are made/rendered in SA. Nothing is wrong with your game or pc.


The second image is how the game is supposed to look.


Don't worry about it, and have fun!

Edited by Deminu
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Thx, though i installed GTA SA on my ipad, to compare and saw that non of this "things" exist on it :(








Was there any projects to transfer lightning, textures, tree fixes to PC?

Edited by vorob_
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Why i don't remember such talks, about PC version fails and downgrades from PS2 back then, 11 years ago? Any reason?

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