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Weekly Event - Saturdays 10pm GMT


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Hi everyone
I am grjkie from the Domestic Battery (xDBx) crew and i'd like to invite everyone for a fun evening with us.


We are an active crew and we play on the PS3 and PS4 but this event is for the PS4 only.


We usually do these events with crew members only but this specific event will be open for all that want to attend, it is a mixed event with all types of jobs the game has to offer and we always have lots of fun playing it against each other, but IMO these jobs are a blast with lots of people and therefore the invitation is here.


So it will take place every saturday at 10PM GMT, and it is a mixed playlist with all types of jobs like races, TDMs, captures etc.

The event will be around 90-120 minutes and the more people join the funnier it will be so make sure you come and hang out with us :D

Who knows, maybe you'll have so much fun that you'll want to attend more of these and maybe even join us.

The only rule i have is the interdiction of any type of helmets (bulet proof or motorcycle) during the event.

Depending on the amount of interested people it could be a 16 or 30 player playlist.


So if you're interested add me as a friend on PSN (grjkie) and reply to this thread to ensure you'll get the invite. My goal is to have full or almost full lobbys so don't be shy :D


Also we are a friendly crew so stop by our hanging place anytime at http://www.domesticbatterygta.com/and here is our crew social club link http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/domestic_battery

Edited by grjkie
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Here's one of our recent crew events. It was a 12 stage rally across the whole map.



This weeks event will be open to multiple crews and will be based on many different job types and not just racing.

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Looking like a great line up of jobs tonight for this. Going to be a fun session. 10pm GMT isn't it?

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Yes 10pm gmt :)


For you poor gta fellows, I usually make around 100k with each one of these 10 jobs playlists

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