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Few questions about Content Creator for my map idea


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I have a really cool idea for a map and I was wondering about the current limitations of the content creator


The game mode I have in mind is 4 vs 4 (or more potentially) that would put 4 players as defenders who would have to remain in the train at all times, and 4 or more players as jets/buzzards (possibly a single person on a land vehicle/sanchez) that need to kill the defenders. Attackers would respawn contiously, while defenders would receive weapons at set areas but only have 1 life. For example, at set intervals on the tracks weapons would be placed that the train would run into - the weapons would be floating at the flatbed/lower area and at the top of the passenger cars (better weapons / more ammo at the top as it is more exposed). For example, there could be homing missiles on the bottom and minigun on the top (or minigun on both but more ammo on the top). The idea here is that ammo would be scarce so you would need to conserve and not shoot blindly (like jets do). I imagine defenders would be notified of upcoming weapons by way of checkpoints the train would always drive through, so as to plan ahead.


The train would run on a set course (something like 4 minutes or whatever would be fun), and the defenders would need to survive until it reached it's destination, without falling off the train. Not sure how much we'd be able to edit the train cars (i.e. make a train consisting of 50% flat beds, 50% passenger cars, and/or change the order) or to add cover for the passengers, but there is a lot to play with here.


My questions:


1. Is it possible to add the train to missions? I'm thinking a resounding no, but hopefully in the future if not

2. is there a way to limit the area the defenders can be in for a map like this? Not 100% necessary, but otherwise people could jump off the train and split up defeating the purpose of the map.

3. Does anyone think this would be fun aside from me?

Edited by Boooster
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1, Not on consoles, do not know for PC ?

2, No, you can set areas on a last team standing, but this is a circle that will mean if the train leaves area all survivors on train would get a message to return to the area or die within a set time (think 10 or 15 seconds)

3, Sounds fun but I think you would have more success in doing this in free mode with friends, you could have set rules on what can and can't be done. There are currently no creator modes that give one team unlimited lives and the other one.

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Ah, bummer about #1 - I'm on PC and hopefully when the content creator is updated they can add this.


Regarding set areas, I was thinking something more along the lines of Hasta La Vista missions, where there is an invisible boundary that you can't leave although I think it applies to all players so that wouldn't work either. The idea of defenders/cyclists having 1 live and attackers/truckers being able to respawn would suit this mode though.

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As of yet the new adversary modes have not been added to the creator, I am hoping they are as like you I have a couple of ideas for a Hast la Vista style map.

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