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GTA V - Masive Trainer Add-on cobn


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This is a modified list off the scripthook/native trainer by Alexander Blade of every thing I would like to see in the gta v trainer or others if you like this please feel free the speak your mind in the comments or if you would like to make this a thing or make concept art of what it might look like and please tell me if any of this is imposable to do. I don’t think moving the trainer to the interactiom menu is possible yet I know a bit off how things work and stuff like that.thanks.

The main goal off this is for the trainer to fit the menus off the game mostly the interaction menu.



Already in game

Edited or New

Removed or warning

Mostly additional information


The trainer comes with ScriptHookV distrib and shows an example of what can be done using scripts.

The trainer comes with ScriptHookV distrib and shows an example of what can be done using scripts.

F4 activate
NUM2/8/4/6 navigate thru the menus and lists (numlock must be on)
NUM5 select
NUM9/3 use vehicle boost when active
NUM+ use vehicle rockets when active

now works with normal controls

- player
- skin changer -- select any skin you want, including animals - replace with director modes trailer layout for easier acerbity with the whitelist feature to favorite your favorite or moded skins
- teleport -- teleport anywhere, has location set and ability to perform proper map marker teleportation - add more places and better name including north yankton - spawns it and teleports you there carrier, yacht and top off maze bank
- invincible - no falling out window and off bike
- fix player
- cash
- edit bank value
- edit cash give amount
- add cash
- wanted up/down/never
- police ignored
- unlimited ability
- noiseless
- fast swim/run
- super jump
- Super jump and fast swim/run
- super jump value <50%> now goes higher at 100%
- activate super jump
- Fast Swim/run value <50&> now goes faster at 100% disclaimer now works on ladders
- vehicle
Removed - speed boost -- use NUM9/3 replaced with flyable car easyer to controler
- flyable Cars - now can Yaw easier to control use bumpers on controller disclaimer cant shot out window with controller when activated whilst in air - now works with birds to activate press LS
- lower suspension - works 6 time, 2 past max upgrade when you shoot wheels
- car spawner - now layered out with each vehicle type for easier access
- wrap in spawned
- paint random
- fix
- invincible
- number plate - popup black text box to enter registration plate
- Slidy cars same as directors mode
- Fully upgrade current vehicle
- turn off/on engine off - last entered car
- open boot, left/right door and bonnet
- weapon
- get all weapon - now includes flair gun and parachute
- give specific weapon <>
- give max ammo 9999
- vehicle rockets -- use NUM+ in vehicle - RS with controller warning doesn't work when flyable cars is turned on
- no reload - unlimited parachutes
- fire ammo
- explosive ammo
- explosive melee
- world
- toggle random trains/boats/etc
- Moon gravity i don't know if this was already in but wasn't on list
- Carpocalyps i think its a good idea to put this in so you can togle on and off with out uninstaling
- pedestrian density <> can turn off
- Vehicle density <> can turn civ car off
- time
- hour forward/backward
- set time speed <normal%>
- pause
- sync with system

- NEW Bodyguards
- bodyguard skin - same as skin changer menu
- spawn 1 bodyguard
- remove bodyguard - comes up with a menu of all your bodyguards you pic the one you don't want
- pick bodyguards weapons
- weather
- set wind
- select weather extra weather proper snow
- NEW Object placer
- like third person creator view
- NEW unlock-ables menu
- unlock property
- each property
- strippers number
- unlock all guns at ammunation
- unlock all upgrades at LS customs
- unlock all characters - Trevor & Michel warning probably breaks campaign
- unlock all collectibles all stunt jumps, scrap letters, spaceship parts, hidden packages and fly unders
- misc
- change radio track
- hide hud now gets rid off the director watermark as well


MANGER CHANGE trainer moved to the top off the interaction menu for controller support and fits in with the game better

Works better with controller example flyable cars and car rockets

When change skin still registers as campaign character and keeps super ability warning may cause bugs with animals

Has all proper car names

Fix bug where game crashes if you bring up phone as bird in director mode

- Pulse

Edited by PulseR_HD
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I can almost read that black on dark blue text but the only thing I really want changed is the key bindings as I, and others, do not use a number pad anymore.

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I can almost read that black on dark blue text but the only thing I really want changed is the key bindings as I, and others, do not use a number pad anymore.

fixed :p

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Deuce Deuce

how to download?


Did you guys not read the first paragraph?


It's a list of what he would like to see, not an actual trainer. Though, it would be pretty cool to have these extra options soon.

Edited by Deuce Deuce
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No offense, but the thread's name is very misleading.

Either way cool ideas. Hopefully will be in the future.

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Riding or driving trains - being able to sit in any chair or on any object - sailboats that actually use the wind to move rather than the motor - more stores/houses/places open - a vehicle steering sensitivity selector - having chops tricks in the game rather than making us use an outside device - more amusement rides that work.

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