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Got 60 FPS on High/Very High constantly, but I get LOTS of LAG SPIKES/


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I have GTX 660 2GB, 8GB RAM, i5 3470, running on 1280x1024.

nVidia optimized the game to everything on Very High, excepting I have no MSAA.


The thing is that although I have constant 60 FPS, I have lots of stutters and lag spikes.

What can I do?

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Nvidia's optimization thing is very wrong for this. I have GTX 960 and it tells me a similar story: run pretty much everything on very high, with MSAA off. This is very unfeasible and gives very poor fps. Two of the biggest are: turn textures on normal, turn grass on normal, then also reduce shadows, shaders, and turn off ambient occlusion and tesselation. Lower post process to normal as well probably. That's pretty much what I'm doing to keep my frames constant, except I'm aslo running 2x MSAA/MFAA, and I'm running the 960 which is a step up from the 660. It's really dishonest that they gave the 660 as the recommended graphics card for this game... And to be honest I'm not even getting a truly constant 60 fps. I'm getting plenty of dips and stutters, and even when I lower all my settings down to the lowest there are problems. I don't see how any 2GB card could be the recommended for this game. 660 is a good card, but as far as this game and how they got it working, the 660 should probably be the minimum, not the recommended. The minimum hardware they recommend (Core 2 Quad Q6600 and 9600 GT) might be able to run this game on 800x600 at 10 fps... It's a joke.

Edited by gsw_hoops
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Crimson Flam3s

I was having this issue as well, I replaced an R9 270 for a gtax 960 and it was stuttering like hell even on similar settings.


The only way for the stutter to end is to set it at half v sync.


I ended up returning it and keeping the 270. It can do mix of medium and high settings at 50-60fps without stutering and I can half v sync it and up the graphics a bit if I feel like it, just like I was forced to with the 960. Dissapointing tbh.

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