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Social Club UI Crash - Any real fix yet?


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Since day one I've not been able to play GTA V on PC through steam at all as the Social Club crashes when trying to load the game.

I've looked around, been on Steam forums, submitted both a question and a ticket to rockstar support (with no response to either yet) etc. for any solutions and it appears quiet a few people are in the same boat.

I've tried all of the suggested solutions available:

I don't have any special characters in my windows username

I have resintalled Social Club nearly 30 times now

I have tried to change it's location to be on the same HDD as my GTA V install but to no avail

I've reinstalled GTA V twice

I'm on a desktop so disabling the nvidia graphics driver is a nogo as there is no built in graphics chip

Verified steam cache more times than I dare count

.....and generally buggered about with the damn thing for hours but no joy!


Currently sat with a 60GB hole in my HDD and a £40 hole in my wallet that I simply cannot do anything with.

This seems to be a pretty widely reported issue so rockstar you chaps need to pull your collective thumbs out and get this sorted since it's been some time and several patchs since release and I still cannot use the damn thing.


Any real working solution would be greatly appreciated as I'm getting rather feedup with the complete lack of being able to play this game.




Windows 7 SP1 64bit

Intel i7 975 Extreme quadcore 4.0Ghz


780GTX Windforce3 oc 3GB

Steam version of GTA V

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It might get fixed in the coming weeks. If not I doubt it will ever be, since Rockstar is likely preparing to bail and start working on the next project. Game's been out for a long time.

Edited by Le Dude
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I just don't get what the issue is. I've installed it on my laptop (which is way below minimum spec) which runs almost identifcal software, windows updates anti-virus etc. yet it will start up on the laptop but not my gaming machine?

It isn't playable on the laptop due to the too low specs but I don;t experience any social club crash there at all?


So, any ideas how it can be fixed on my gaming machine?


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