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Xbox 360 - Criminal Mastermind - One player needed


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Hi chaps, hoping someone can get back to me on this.


Looking for one more player to do the Criminal Mastermind challenge, on the Xbox 360 console. The 3 of us have been talking over the last 3 weeks and doing heists almost every day, so we have plenty of experience and have worked out ideal ways on how to tackle the challenge.


You need to own the full body armour suit and wear it on most of the setups and heist finales, and the armoured Kuruma would also be ideal, although all three of us own one, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Xbox 360 Name: GaffaAce

Microphone is a must to ensure we're coordinated. We have a few interesting 'techniques' we use as well that would need to be explained.


Timezone - All 3 of us reside in the UK and we're currently at GMT/ UTC + 1hr, known as BST = British Summer Time. So around that (+/- 3hrs) would be ideal, however it doesn't really matter as long as we stick to a plan of being online at the same time.


Thanks for anyone that can help.

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Bump, reliable people still needed.

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I don't have a mic but I've done all of the Heists setups/finales several times. You can Party me in some of the things though and I'll listen


I wear my combat armor whenever people set it to Player Saved outfits.


My Karuma? I only bring that out for PB Plane and Wet Work(If I'm on the lawyer team)


GT if interested: Usedshark7863

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Thanks for that bud, unfortunately we absolutely 100% require somebody to have a microphone.

Still recruiting - been let down a few times now by people not being online when they say they would (or for the rest of the day) and other people deciding to do it with others without letting us know, so really the person we recruit needs to be on "standby", awaiting it to be started.

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I have a Mic and ive done all the heists already. GT:jw0lf0531. **only problem is I'm EST

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I have a Mic and ive done all the heists already. GT:jw0lf0531. **only problem is I'm EST


Thanks for replying. How many times have you done each heist, excluding Fleeca Job?


What times (in your local time, EST) are you able to be online, of what days?


Sorry for the questions. Trying to organise this has honestly been more hassle than it's seemingly worth.

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Did each heist and setups about 4 times. Did them on my other characters (lvl 100+) I want to do this on my LVL 41.

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Are all the stats on your Level 41 full (Stamina, Strength etc)?


What times.




Otherwise, BUMP, still recruiting players for this. I know I had said one player needed, but it looks like I might not be doing it with my team, simply due to not knowing the times and days they can be online. I've got a few people already on my friends list who've added me/ I've added, that are interested in doing it, so if we get a team of 4 together then we may as well go for it.

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UK player. Got a mic! Very experienced at Heists. Add me or send message to Xx5TARKILLERxX (gamertag)

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If you're still looking for someone I'll help.


Gamertag: F3rocious Panda


I've got a mic, the full armor suit, Kuruma and Insurgent, and I've done all the heists at least twice.


Only thing is that I'm in the PST time zone, but I'm sure we can figure something out.

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