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Portage, Indiana Police Department GTAIV for PC Now Recruiting!

CDoJ Jake

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Welcome to



Portage PD is a role play group that operates on Grand Theft Auto IV (PC) with a modification called LCPD:FR. This very unique mod allows you to turn the the game around as you play from the perspective of a law enforcement officer. Portage PD is a community of people who come together to have fun and be serious. We utilize real life tactics and procedures to create an engaging gaming experience like no other.


Our Divisions We Offer:

Portage Police Department

Sheriffs Department

State Police


K9 Services

Media Relations Unit (Recruitment)

Training Center (In game Instructor for cadets and Probie Officers)

Dispatch Communications Center (Control)

Portage Fire & EMS (PF&E)

And More to come as we develop our community.

We have completely custom cars and skins made by Code Red Modding! We currently have 24 Registered Members and we are still looking for command staff positions to be filled. We operate as realistic as possible. And we also have current and retired law enforcement officers in our clan, to help achieve this goal and bring professionalism to the clan in game and out! If your looking for a fun place to have fun and play games, look no further. Apply Today!

Requirements to join:

  • Applicant must be 14 years of age
  • Applicant must own a legitimate copy of Grand Theft Auto 4
  • Applicant must speak English fluently
  • Applicant must own a working microphone
  • Applicant must have TeamSpeak 3

If you have any questions our contact information is below.

Portage Commissioners Office
Edited by CDoJ Jake
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