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Ps4 Looking for Someone Who can give me Money


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Hey I was wondering if anyone could give me a ton of money so I can actually have fun on this game other then having to play missions to get money. please someone help

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no because I want to be able to get cars and make any drift car I want or any muscle car to show off at meets and have fun with it not worry about will I have enough moneu

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He means cash cards, which you can buy with actual cash


As for begging for cash its pretty pointless and kind of stupid, not calling you stupid but coming here and begging will not get you what you want. Also I don't know if its even possible, other than someone giving you a 70% cut or something


Doing the first heist, fleeca, will get you $150,000, doing all the heists will get you around $1 mill, all of them in order is another million and yet another million if you do them with the same team. They aren't hard and take 6 - 8 hours total

Edited by Ezekeil2Ofive17
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Play the game the way it was meant to be played. Try the Criminal Mastermind Challenge for 10-12 mill, you'll have all the money you need, for this update at least.


Anyways there is no way for anyone to give you money on ps4, and I don't see why anyone would give you their hard earned cash.

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AT Recruitment

Even if someone wanted to give you money ingame they couldent unless you put some effort in. otherwise buy sharks or mod your account

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Even if someone was able to give you money, they might probably ask for your social club account username and password. I wouldn't trust them

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