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"Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working"


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As the title says I have problems with this "Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working".


1. This GTAV crashing appeared after the last Patch. Before that I did not have a single problem with game.

2. Always when I play Online Heist somewhere in the middle of the GTAV freezes and then I get this: "Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working"

I ve tryed with older versions of AMD Catalyst, run GTAV as Administrator, Installed game on SSD/HDD.

In the end I finaly try with fresh&clean WIn 7 installation. So yeasterday I done new fresh instalation of WIndows 7 x64 and of course a fresh installation of Grand Theft Auto V.

Well unfortunately I still get crashes and I realy dont know what else to do :S

3. My PC Specs are:

Intel i5 2500k
Sapphire R9 290 Tri_X


I have the latest AMD Catalyst 15.4 drivers.

Is there any posible solution for this anoying GTAV Stopped Working crashing??

I have Steam version of Grand Theft Auto V.

Please help me :facedesk:

Edited by miraldo6666
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Check memory and CPU usage via task manager, also download Speccy to make sure the temperatures of your PC are fine.


If it's a fault of the patch, since you can't uninstall it (have to connect to internet to play) you may have to wait for another patch, although don't take my word for it!


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I already check my PC components. Temperatures are under 70C(CPU & GPU). Do you know when the next patch/update will be realised?

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I have had the same thing happen after patch 350.1 there has to be away to fix this.

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