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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (Revisited) illustration,

Jay Fenerides

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Jay Fenerides
Hello dear fellow GTA Forums mates,

First of all, my name's Jay Fenerides and I'm a Digital artist from Greece.

I have been inspired by the style and design of the company Rockstar Games. Over the years, my design abilities and styles have been influenced by the GTA-stylized work, which they're the reason to make me who I am today, and like many other designers. Sooner, I stuck to their branding style, illustrations, and attitude that are present in all of their games.

My concept for this work is to revisit Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Since the start of it, I have been working on this project for 2 weeks, recreating the concept, getting ideas and adding inspired colors from the game.

Last, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making it.

My social tag online goes by @jayfenerides


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King Vercetti

I don't know why you haven't gotten any replies but from one artist to another, this is awesome. I really like your use of colors, and she really looks like she would fit right into the GTA universe. Great job!

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Musculus gluteus minimus and maximus looks weird, but other than, everything is fine!

Edited by Masny
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