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Choppas delivered to both sides


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In my Game OG Snoopie delivered Ak-47s to both sides . Meaning to Families and to Ballas !

My set Pimp City Balla Gang has purchased 3 Choppas from him and we was having really good ties with OG Snoopie.

But there where reportedly 2 AK-47s found in the home of All Swell Park Familie Gang member as the LSPD raided his home in my game. BUT on new years eve Carson Avenue Ballas was having a block party and some families members pulled up and killed three ballas with an AK47 ! The LSPD reported that. I assume that they bought them from OG Snoopie as he is the only one in South LS with mob ties ! Anyways what is yall experience with weapons in South LS ? I think its getting bad when both sides are gettin delivered with heavy artillery . Back in the day when my dad OG Dequan Martinez was active of course they had choppas even more than these days but there also was brawls and on on one fights and it was no jumping other people, now it seems like every bodys a bitch ! In my Game on New Years Weekend there where 30 ! homicides its just crazy out here and I hope things get better soon especially in Pimp City we are the second most notorius set after Davis Balla Set . How many homicides where there in your game on New Years Eve and what is yall opinion on the AK-47 situation ?

Stay Ballin'

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I don't even know how to respond to this. WTF

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I am just confused what you are on about with these posts...lol

Mane im here for the HOOD stuff I already explained it bro. I wanna talk to other people that are involved and/or interested in south Los Santos gang life especially Balla life cause im involved wit that ! There are many people interested in that kinda stuff as I saw a huge Gang Life in LS thread. Im here to provide info about my Balla set and Gangs in general !

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Try not to make too many threads man

Alright bro thanks for looking out

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I think you'd get more replies if people actually knew what you were talking about.


What is this? A fan fiction? A Kewl Story?

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I tried to play along on the other thread but the moderator deleted my posts. I don`t get how this works.

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