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(PC)GTA V Online Friendship


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Today I come to you looking to make friends to play with or find a crew.Below I will describe a little bit about me and what I am looking for in friends.


Name: Noblebeastx (Real Name you will learn over time as we play together)

D.O.B: October 25th, 1994

Occupation: Stay At Home Dad

Hobbies: Casual/Hardcore Gaming

Location: US, Maryland

Time Zone: EST -5

Activeness: 10-12 Hours Daily


Previous Experience

Grand Theft Auto III - PS2 & PC

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - PS2 & PC

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - PS2 & PC

Grand Theft Auto IV - PC

Grand Theft Auto V - Playstation 4 & PC



What I am Looking For In a Friend


*Active Daily - I understand that people have real life and responsibilities to worry about more than some pixel game but at the same time I don't wish to add a bunch of people to my friends list, then they decide in a couple days to never pick up the game again or people who are so busy they are lucky that they can even get on daily.


*Headset/Microphone - A Headset/Microphone for your Computer is a must! You must be willing to use a Headset/Microphone. It's not for the purpose of GTA V alone but for the purpose to better get to know each other and enjoying a better gaming experience.


*Legal Age & Mature - Must be 17 or older, no exceptions.


Transfered my profile over from Playstation 4 since I no longer have a Playstation 4. I am rank 343. I have all Boats, Planes, Helicopters & Tank Unlocked & Owned. I have all armor & guns unlocked & Owned. I have some of the fastest cars in game. I own the largest/most expensive house.


Looking for players who want to complete heist, missions and free roam.


Social Club: Noblebeastx

Edited by Noblebeastx
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I think you'd do a better job at making friends by joining a crew or something.


This just makes you look like you have no idea how people make friends.

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I'm looking for like minded people to play with For the majority since playing GTA V Online for PC I have found every person I run into I play with 99% of the time don't have a Headset or their just teenage kids/want to be punk gangsters in a video game talking sh*t. From the looks of it I see the same thing reflects on the forums or are just trolls which is sad. As far as the repllies to my format of my thread/post it's called having standards on who I wish to play with so I don't run into players like this or you. It's also seen as a sort of application but I guess if all you have played is GTA games you wouldn't understand this sort of thing. I'm a World of Warcraft player as well and in a guild such as a raiding guild that are among the top players we like to make sure we have like minded players with same experience/skill and players who have the same goal and dedication.

Edited by Noblebeastx
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I get what you're feeling.


Today I was in and out of heists setups, even joined someone from this forum as they wanted help. Little days went past, and just deleted me. I'm also struggling to find people to play this game with, it seems if you don't know anyone personally it won't happen.

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