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The Amazing Taxi Run (AI) (How to)


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Hello every one! If you want to take a taxi on the hardest fare of their (and yours) life then look no further! All you have to do is go near the south west of MT Chiliad on the high way and call a cab. (If you want the specific location your going to have to look at the video below :( cant really describe it further)Now once the cab is close go on the drivers side to put more weight on the drivers side. Now tell him to go to the bridge located on the west shore of the Alamo Sea. Most important rule is to tell the cab to hurry. Now sit back and relax and see if he makes it. Please let me know if you make it I tried about 40 times and to no avail.



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Excellent. Next time i play i will try it. Reminds me of some fun taxi rides in gta 4. The cabbies in gta 4 are more aggressive when told to hurry,and then i could get the police chasing by using wanted codes from my phone.

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This was as much fun as it was dick ripping. I don't think anybody's made it yet...

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Loaded gta 5 today and did this. The cabbie drove off the road and landed minus doors,hood,and trunk. The driver then ignored the the road and new gps route and attempted to drive up to the original route. The car rolled onto its top and Michael and the driver got out with the driver running away quite vigorously.


Thanks for this fun tip. Next i will see how Trevor reacts to this.

Edited by jazzbone
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  • 2 weeks later...

Ive been looking everywhere trying to see if anybody has completed this but I think this really is impossible.

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