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[V|REL|HOOK] LUA Plugin for Script Hook V


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umm i found a LUA mod i wnat to use, how do i install this weird thing and where do i find a version that works? main dl link is broken and idk scripting, i just want to use a LUA mod i found.

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Doesn't work with current version.


I have stopped updating GTALua2.

It works until v1032.

For v1103 you would need to replace the CrossMapping.cpp file with a version which translates to the new natives, and it would work fine.

Offline only though.

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On 4/25/2015 at 9:41 AM, headscript said:

Current Version: 9,10.0


Write any LUA Script for GTA5

you are able to use all Natives from NativeDB







Installation Instructions:

  1. Extract LUA.zip
  2. Move the LUA.asi in the GTA5 Folder where the ScriptHookV.dll is located
  3. Place the scripts folder in the GTA 5 Folder
  4. Add any Scripts you want into the scripts/addins folder
  5. Run GTA 5 over Steam or Rockstar Launcher

Extra Note:

I can convert your Lua Scripts to fully Independent .asi files for safety/speed just write me a PM


local basemodule = {}basemodule.GUI = Libs["GUI"]function basemodule.unload()endfunction basemodule.giveWeapon(weapon)    WEAPON.GIVE_DELAYED_WEAPON_TO_PED(PLAYER.PLAYER_PED_ID(), GAMEPLAY.GET_HASH_KEY(weapon), 1000, true)endfunction basemodule.init()    bodyguard.GUI.addButton("Give Me RAILGUN",basemodule.giveWeapon,"WEAPON_RAILGUN",0,0.2,0.05,0.05)endfunction basemodule.tick()    basemodule.GUI.tick()endreturn basemodule 


LUA Plugin Download


Found a Bug?

Report them here: https://github.com/gallexme/LuaPlugin-GTAV/issues


Thanks for your Love and Support: martysama0134 (i owe you something)

404 Page not found i cant download lua plugin

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