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Am I the only one where FPS goes down after a while? (20-25fps)


Go to solution Solved by RedDagger,

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Hi my game runs fine and everything untill a time that my fps is going to drop to 20-25fps. Before that I play at 40-50 sometimes 60fps.

I have AMD PHENOM II X4 965 3,4Ghz


Anyone encounter similair problem? More people with the same CPU having this? Are there perhaps solutions?

I already tried removing the drivers and a clean new driver install of the latest beta drivers.

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Look at task manager to see the CPU and memory usage, see if it starts rising too much; also try Speccy to see temperatures of your components, the strain could be making 'em overheat.


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Thx for respond. I see in task manager my CPU going up to 99% and temps around 63 celcius (can get higher if I overclock to 3,8ghz then it will go over 70 degrees! So I keep it for now at 3,6)

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  • Solution

Eh, should be fine, how does memory look over time?


Either way, try turning off FXAA, TXAA and MSAA in your graphics options and instead force them through catalyst control centre (think that's what AMD cards have), since it improves performance quite a lot.


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a little more then 4gb of 8gb is what it uses mostly

my celcius at max 74 degrees when I game and as soon as I go out of the game (crash most times) it will go back to 54 degrees celcius. I will get better cooling paste soon

Edited by Psycho_Yuri
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I don't think that's necessary, that temperature seems fine.


Try reducing graphics settings and the FXAA/TXAA/MSAA suggestion above.


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I think it has been solved (I also removed a virus while scanning my PC) I did put FXAA off and put AMD 4x anti ailising on (although not sure if the aa works) I haven't experienced any framedrops anymore.

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