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Criminal Mastermind progress reset glitch solution


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Glitch - The pair that completed the Fleeca Job which didn't contain the host for the next job (prison break) has there criminal mastermind progress reset to 0/26 at the start of the prison break set up missions.


Usually happens when the crew starts the prison break but it can happen at any point.


This is not a isolated incident, it's a serious bug that has cost me, and others, days of playing time.


Fix - Before starting the Criminal Mastermind challenge you have to do a random heist mission or finale with the 4 players in your crew. When your finished go immediately back to the fleeca job as pairs, when you have finished the fleeca and start the prison break check your progress (stats>awards>heists>criminal mastermind) to be sure it worked.


I know it sounds random but it has worked both times we tried it after getting the glitch and having to restart.


If you plan on starting the Criminal Mastermind challenge be sure to check your progress after every mission, especially at the very beginning of the prison break job, Iv'e heard of people doing the whole thing and failing because they didn't check their progress or realise it had reset.

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Yu to do the fleeca twice! Ok let me tell yu how it goes. 2 teams start fleeca and finish it. (No tripskip)

Once you start & complete the prison break fist setup. 1 of the four doin the heist with yu ,criminal mastermind challenge prOgress will reset. To my knowledge there is no way around this .now the 2 player that started the fleeca. You won't host it again, the opposite player must host it. Play it all over And it WILL stick!

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  • 2 months later...

does the person hosting the cmc have to be the one to host random setup first or can it be anyone in the crew??

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My team all called Lester and canceled our current heists before we started and noone had any issues the whole challenge.

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