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Idiot Question: Difference Between Aim & Look Sensitivity?


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Normally this would be a easy question for myself to figure out. But with all the different ways to aim a gun in GTA, i've become confused.


So you have these ways to Aim:


Right Stick ( looking around/ no cross-hair)


Slightly Depressing RT to Run 'N' Gun

L2 + Right Stick-Click


Normally i would presume that anything without a Cross-Hair is your Look Sensitivity, and anything with is Aim Sensitivity. Only part that has me confused is the slower zoomed aim with L2 + Right Stick-Click.

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Just played around with the settings as I have been playing Battlefield Hardline for the last Month, want to give GTA V a try again and the default aiming set-up is atrocious in comparison...


Look is without depressing L2 and aim is having depressed L2 to either zoom or look down sights depending on if your are in first or third person mode...more or less as you indicated.


Edit: My Question is how can I quickly Join a Deathmatch without having to go through this Play nonsense which is half the reason I stopped playing? Just spent 1 min to find a Job I did not want and would not like to repeat this for the next 10 mins.

Edited by Relative007
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Look sensitivity: looking around the the R stick (no cross hair on the screen)

Aim sensitivity: when the cross hair is visible.


Its easy to determinate this by lowering the L sensitivity as much as possible and maxing the other. Simply look around with "all" types like halfway pushing L2/R2, etc.

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^Actually i would highly suggest having a much higher look sensitivity, and a lower aim sensitivity. I thought that was common sense though.. You look around faster and when you aim in on someone it slows down so you can fine tune your aim better.

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