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Federals LS Accepting Members [Xbox360]


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Federals LS

Federal Marshals of Los Santos

Motto: Justified

We bring law and order to the streets of LS from paleto bay to vinewood.

In order to be accepted as a deputy marshal you must adhere to the code of conduct:

  • If your going to shoot to kill, let them draw first
  • Never attack one of your own
  • Dress the part
  • We do not have any age limits in place but rather a maturity rule, if you can’t act like your old enough to play well with others in a respectful manner your not welcome.
  • As a Federal Marshal modding is against our lawing, any sign of crew modding is a instant ban and your name will be published online for players to know to avoid you.

Our dress code is very simple, a nice clean suit or jeans, shirt and jacket will suffice (be sure to wear comfortable shoes as you may have to chase down enemies).

Your vehicle can be anything but if your attempting to bring justice to the community a 4 door sedan works well for taking prisoners.

The Federals LS might be for you if:

  • you’re tired of getting killed by griefers.
  • You want an active crew, seeing as we are new we will be playing regularly and for a time to come
  • you want to have support in public lobbies and not have to fend for yourself.
  • you’re tired of dealing with trolling little kids.
  • You hate not being able to fill LTS, DM, TDM and Race lobbies.
  • You enjoy having great conversation and a unique GTA experience.

Our social club page:


Just click to join the crew, we have no invitational policy at the moment while we fill the crew.


Crew Chief: Spacepirate87

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In the next 2 weeks I will be sorting through new members and messaging people in the hopes to make a Official Heist crew, Federals LS still could use some more members for this firstly so if you want to join a crew and join it's heist crew look no further! You can join today or request an invite, Leave your Gamertag here :)

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