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Old PC having trouble connecting to the internet.


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This is a problem that has been occuring for a while now. Basically my old Win XP PC will not connect to the internet. It says 'Limited or no connectivity' (LAN)


It takes at least 5 hours to connect to the internet everytime I start it up or restart the modem.


- My modem is working fine.


- It is a wired connection.


- If I click on 'repair' it says it can't renew my ip address.


- The ipconfig /all command shows that my ip is I have tried all fixes for the problem but to no avail. (Including modifying the registry)


- netsh winsock reset, registerdns commands were also not able to fix the problem.


- My node type shows up as 'unknown'.


- Firewall is disabled, I am running in safe mode.


- My packets sent is more than packets received.


- I have tried adjusting the speed by reducing it to 10 mbps duplex and all other options but it doesn't work.


- The DHCP service is started.


- OS is Win XP SP3 Home Edition 32 bit.


Any help would be appreciated.

Edited by Ducard
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Tried reinstalling LAN drivers?




X4 760K 4 GHZ // 8GB DDR3-1600 // RX 460

Lenovo Y520 - i5 7300HQ // 8GB DDR4-2400 // GTX 1050





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Nope, I haven't had this problem for a couple of days now, but I'll try that whenever I can.

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router may not be accepting your PC. reset the router [off and little while later back on]. works with me sometimes.


second option is manually set your PC IP address and get you MAC and IP address of your PC and enter it into your router so it allows connection.

Edited by K20
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