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Speculations About Single Player DLC


Recommended Posts


Read this. Tell others to read it if you like it cause it's tl;dr if not :p


Speculations About Single Player DLC

PLAUSIBLE speculation ONLY! Have some cool evidence when posting!


This is for game-supported-guesses.


I thought it would be really neat to see what people can plausibly call for the DLC.


Remember when Johnny and Luis were sussed out as the DLC protagonists early on?


In hindsight we all could say it was kind of obvious it would be them, but it wasn't. A lot of people noticed and it was all over the internet that it might be them due to the Impossible Trinity achievements and trophy and their cameos in Niko's story being so intimate compared to others - these are some of the only characters we see often without ever taking missions from them or killing them or finding out they died or how they all ended up together at that point in time and so on.


This should be fun for people who are fans of foreshadowing like that seen in Breaking Bad and discussing that show when it was on, like how when people picked up that the pink bunny in the pool symbolized Gus' death, and then were still able to be thrilled by it when it happened because it also mirrored and spoke details that we couldn't have known, until hindsight. So it wouldn't even ruin it if anyone was right, for example. I think we could all have some fun.


Just try to keep it plausible with what we know, and actually, I'll make an example of plausibility to start.


Here is a guess for me build on it or place your own other observations!


The grafitti on the wall "SA" "Welcome Back" "88" "We Missed You Last Time".


The picture of a fully modeled Young Franklin? Solo is on record saying he and MayLay were working on something together. The way he said it really wasn't necessarily in relation to GTA or Rockstar, but later, I think in a different interview(?), he also said he just finished working on DLC. Were the two projects the same? Maybe?


So what if Solo is young franklin and grown franklin in the dlc? And MayLay may be CJ.


Picture a DLC which spans decades and as young franklin you know CJ and the ballas dont have grove street back then, and did anyone ever notice that "under construction" culdesac is the same layout as original SA?


How is this plausible as a DLC though you might ask, well, first, it could be so awesome and things in the past could be switched between like we currently switch between characters. When we switch to young franklin, maybe a new effect occurs, and you're in the past. A bunch of textures are changed. Some beat down places look cleaner, billboards and posters are back-dated, and so on.


Here's a kicker for people who are still wanting more to make this plausible, read franklin's license plate.


Was Franklin born in 88? It would make him 25 years old in the time GTA V takes place (September 2013, and GTAOnline is the months before that), and that might be about right.


That would make him only 4 years old at the events of SA though you say, and he is older than that in young franklin picture. But if we have a story that spans time, it can have small segments where he's even younger, or even just cutscenes. The time where, as young franklin, you can see CJ get picked up by the cops and disappear. Is that what happened to his Aunt? Does she think CJ just up and left her? Franklin's Aunt Denise does basically live in the same vicinity Denise would have in SA, right?


And then later in the story, CJ could return. They wouldn't even need to put the other cities - Franklin already tells us in GTA V he never left the city if I am remembering correctly, so if he is the protag and you switch between online character, young, and younger or something like that, you can easily see how you don't have to witness CJ's return, but you could witness what happened between he and Aunt Denise after he returned too, maybe that's why she got into the hate men club. You see how this is all plausible?


Young franklin can play like bully, with the grown up action for older franklin arches in the story.

What can you add to it, OR what can you find that is plausible with all this supporting coincidences similar to things like these ones that led to this post?


Here is a reward for reading, since Franklin's pic reminded me of this video from Key and Peele about a young Forest Whitaker, and, it led me to notice all these things as potentially connected to SP dlc. lol. Because I thought it would so cool and all the mechanics are already there - the billboards already change based on the playthrough over time, so they can change for the moments in the past, too.


What about michael and trever? Indeed. Maybe now when you pull up the menu, the first Rstick movement picks the character, hitting that character again changes his age. ^^




For clarity's sake - I'm not implying this skit has anything at all to do with it. I just thought it looked similar to how the young franklin is made, and it was like this, then I suddenly saw all those details I shared. Share what you see! =)

Edited by TheMostKnowledgable
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