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[Spoilers] Does Ending A foreshadow this ?


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Sorry for creating another thread this quick, [ you must have gotten sick of me for being all over the forums]



So shortly after trevor demise , michael will quote the " survival is winning franklin , everything else is bullsh*t " thing , Franklin will respond with " DAMN STRAIGHT " .



Does this mean that Lamar will be franklin next victim right after trevor , cause franklin has pretty much have joined the " real dark side " of michael townley .


Michael has betrayed trevor twice for multiple reasons , one of them because T was a liability , and since Lamar was a liability too for franklin from the start , and that franklin would lie to LD about NOT being involved in T death just like how M lied to Jimmy about T death [ claiming that trevor tried to kill them even though he didn't ], F is surely wouldn't find it too difficult to turn on lamar .


So what do you guys think ?

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I think that ending A and B were written by Rockstar interns and the real ending was C.

Edited by Messaibi
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trevor was killed because they feared him and he couldnt be controlled


he got the rest in alot of troubles with merry weather, the triads and other people


lamar may give franklin trouble but its only small time stuff

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Franklin saw Trevor as someone who would get them killed because he was a literal psychopath. Lamar is just an idiot, he will probably get himself killed one day. I think after Ending A Frank and Mike both fall into a deep depression, although Franklin has no-one Michael has his family, although Jimmy hates him.

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C is Canon, I don't get why it's such a big deal about Ending A/B. They're both horribly written and don't make much sense plot wise.

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I'm not really sure about this " C is cannon " thing , rockstar we're pretty careful about the other 2 endings ,


there'r not just some mere endings we're M and T are killed and Steve H with Devin W are spared , you're basically changing lifes and futures of other characters ,


Killing trevor means that TP inc. are out of the business with the chinese gangsters probably taking over the senora desert while jimmy ends up being suspicious of M for T death and the de santa's could live with michael lies again .


All of trevor apperance's after the storyline are actually prequel events in the online a couple of months before the campaign , it shows you how T used to run his business , why did he despised the Lost that much , why he loved that Impotent Rage thing , and why was he considered a liability in particular by steve haines and dave norton .


Killing michael will make his family leave Los Santos for good to an unknown location , merryweather somehow didn't lose their license to operate in the state , franklin goes back to where he has started his journey and his time might be soon upon him for betraying his friends to please the higher authority .



You might kill me for this one , but I can't help but feel that bringing M and T back from the dead for a sequel are a bit of double standard against all the other optional fates characters and the villanous characters from the past .

Edited by SuperGTFan
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Can Franklin still hangout with Lamar after the A and B endings? I don't think Franklin would gain anything by killing Lamar.

Edited by Leo2301
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Can Franklin still hangout with Lamar after the A and B endings? I don't think Franklin would gain anything by killing Lamar.

Only at Night.

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Wow, I forgot about the choices. I chose C for both last gen and current gen when i beat the game. So if you choose A or B, Trevor or Mchael are no longer playable in story mode? That would suck for getting achievments.

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There should be another ending IMO where Ballas take over whole south LS and Franklin and Lamar join the Ballas and their friendship becomes even closer ! Then the DLC should be about Franklin and Lamar getting on top off the Ballas Leadership !

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