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[PC][NA] Profanity and Stuff - 5/5 Heists


Recommended Posts


Recruitment: Open

Website: pnsguild.org

Social Club Crew Link: Social Club

Platform: PC

Localization: NA East




Profanity and Stuff {PnS} is a competitive, goal-focused gaming community with an emphasis on professionalism and teamwork. We seek active, skilled, and dedicated individuals to fill our division rosters. We are exclusive and are not afraid of the hardcore label. Our success doesn't come from how many hours we play per week, but how efficiently we utilize the time our members dedicate.


Please read our guild charter for more information.







The PnS GTA V Online division is focused on building a premier crew for GTA V Online. As a crew we will focus on guild events while having multiple squads whose sole goal is to top the leaderboards for certain game modes (Team Deathmatch and Overall RP).


How we operate (divisional structure)

We faciliate our members into squads based on their interest and playtimes. This means that when you log in, you've got the required amount of people to accomplish what you are interested in (team deathmatch, racing, heists, etc.). Squads operate with their own schedules that are seperate from guild event times. Guild events are more general and focussed on bringing the bulk of the guild together to accomplish a goal.


Event Times

Guild events are held daily between 7:00 - 11:00 EST. This is when we expect our members to be online.


Current Squads

Team Wafflestomp
Specialization: Team Deathmatch
Squad Leader: Dag
Days/Times: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday - 4:00 - 10:00 EST





Short Term

Static Groups for Heists
Guild Events
Form multiple squads for professional Team Deathmatch Play

Long Term
Claim terrritory


If you are interested in joining visit our website.

Edited by killjoydoc
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