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Xbox 360 Car Meet/ Truck Meet


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Today @ 2PM PDT//3PM MDT//4PM CDT//5PM EDT//10PM BST


If you have a problem with it just let me know, what the problem is and I'll fix it or you can help me fix it. Car classes: No Supers! First Muscle, Second Sports Classic, Third Off-road. We will do the car show in different places with different classes, Then cruise around, and lastly drag race. You must have a mic! And post your gamer tag and I will add you to the list


It's Friday night and what better way to not go out and see girls than to hang out with guys and tell each other dick jokes? This is going to be a simple meet featuring big trucks and big fun. We'll start off with some voting on different categories so show up with your favorite truck, go cruising and become kings of the road and finish off with some racing. The only restrictions will be that you need a mic and no Pegasus vehicles and No Supers! Please be respectful and play nice with others. Thanks!

Message me: MOH4WKW4RRIOR89 for a invite.

Console: Xbox 360


Player List:

1--MOH4WKW4RRIOR89 (Host)





6--OBEY MY BR117

7--Itz sniper1











Extras List:







- a mic will be required. No Kinect mics.

- sexism/racism/general hateful insults will not be tolerated.

- while this is a laid-back type of event, everyone must behave themselves.

- players joining on the intend of trolling/killing others/blowing up cars will be blacklisted from future events.



Knowing Your Host (a little bit about me):

My Xbox LIVE gamertag is MOH4WKW4RRIOR89. I like car meets, if you host one make sure you hook me up with the meet.

Edited by DudePerfect45
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You should tell people to post as the following:

Mic: Yes
GT: DignifiedTick

I sadly can't join as I'm working tonight. Hope it goes well! :)

Quick pic of a sweet car before the meet (in the pre-lobby just helping out):

And then this Phoenix parked next to mine and it was too good to pass up:

Some pics of the meet:

DudePerfect sent me some pics of the meet as he's still learning on how to post them. Can't really help him out if he's using mobile. Also, Dude, your pics have black bars as it's not HD pictures. Getting an HDMI cable if you got an HDTV fixes that. I used to take pics on a standard (really old) TV by changing the screen format (I think). Just dashboard, go to system settings, console settings, display and check in there. It will make your screen smaller and impossible to read names, though. Doing meets with that option (if you're like me and take pics) sucks. Despite the black bars, you've got some really nice shots!

All pictures taken by DudePerfect:

An amazing black Phoenix:

And the Phoenix of earlier:

Nice line-up of muscle cars:

This seems to be the winner of a voting category:

Ah, the hard-to-see spot:

Nice armored car:

Not sure why he's got a gun in his hands:

And two Insurgents left to finish the meet off:


Edited by livejoker
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