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Should i buy it


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I got gta 5 on the xbox, and im not sure if i want to buy it for the PC.

How are the graphics/gameplay, compared to the ps3/xbox360/xbox one, etc?

Does the installation goes easy for the pc? or is it a pain in the butt?

Are they much ppl playing the multiplayer, for the pc?

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Graphics depend on your computer specs, but as far as I can tell even low-ish settings are far better than 360/PS3. It has all the extra content PS4/Xbox One have over the PS3/360, but the only PC exclusive feature is the editor, where you can save gameplay and do stuff with cameras to create pretty nice videos. You can also mod it - there's already a few mods out, although we don't know how Rockstar will treat people who install mods with GTA:Online.


For most people, the installation is fine; if you don't have a Social Club account, it's quick 'n easy to set one up. If you're one of the few who get errors, it can be a bit annoying depending on the error, especially since Rockstar Support is terrible, but fatal errors are few and far between.


Multiplayer is busy as can be, and will be for ages, you don't need to worry about that!


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Those are my specs:


i5 3570k 3.4 GHz

GTX 780 OCed.

184 GB left, i need to upgrade lol.

8 GB memory.

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Ooh yes, you posted a different thread didn't ya :p


yeah, you're fine.


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