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Shot inside Los Santos Customs?


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First post on these forums so first off, hello to everyone! So, the other day I decided to pull into LSC to modify my car. I get there and I see a few cop cars, and I don't think anything of it. I figured I'd just scoot in and do my modifications and not get involved with whatever was up. The door opens up and there's 5 or 6 dudes with guns and they all start shooting and waste me. I'm just curious as to how the hell this happened? Never heard of or seen this before!


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You can walk inside the customs if the door is opened by a car, or if it's one of the customs outside of the city that has a door you can walk into anytime. They probably killed the mechanic running the place so they could pull out their weapons and ambush people looking to use the customs. I've seen it a couple times but it's really obvious when someone is actually IN the customs once you know what to look for.

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Thanks for your reply Fisto! I started backing up immediately but was too late. I started thinking, '6 mechanics?.....doesn't look right!' lol Now I will be cautious! :/

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Yeah I use passive mode for anything I'm doing that doesn't involve guns and murder basically. Shopping, stealing cars for LSC, etc. There's literally no reason not to unless you're expecting to be murdered.

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lol I will keep that in mind, seeing's how I just got blown up going back to LSC to do an engine upgrade!

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Welcome to the forums! There are plenty of hard asses, Babbies, Whiners, and trolls here.

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As said; welcome! Sadly, if you're on PS3/Xbox 360 passive mode doesn't work in cars (bummer) so you'll have to keep an eye on your map. You must of rushed in if you saw all those cop cars and bodies. I suggest using the LS Customs on the right side of the map as it's quite lonely. Just watch out for nearby dots on the map as they like to snipe across the water canal or put proximity mines in front of the entrance. It's a bit far but the best LS Customs to use is in Paleto as there's rarely anyone in Paleto. Such a quiet spot.

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hahaha Thanks, and yes, I did kinda just rush in! I figured there was some kinda action nearby, but thought I could sneak in undetected.....lol apparently not! I usually check for dots as soon as I spawn into my garage upon spawning in. I don't go to LSC often, unless there's an upgrade I just unlocked and will surely be checking out the LS Customs on the right side of the map!

Thanks guys!

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I've run into booby-trapped modshops a few times, or shot just as I was going out. That is the lowest strategy of all really.

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It always was this way,if you go to Customs and the door is open,there is something fishy going on. There are 2 courses of action back off fast,or park on the road and lob a grenade or fire a RPG in...

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OP, don't use LSC in a public freeroam, your a sitting duck.


Same goes for shopping or a haircut, just don't do it in Public

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