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Friend gets disconnected, says he's logged in somewhere else?


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A buddy of mine randomly gets kicked out of game and the launcher launches, logging him out then giving him a message he has been kicked because he is logged in somewhere else. Anyone else had this problem and possibly know a fix?

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I had this a lot until yesterday. This error is most likely not correct, but for some reason it still shows you this even when something else goes wrong.

What you could try and do is go to the 'launcher.log' file (after a crash) in your GTA V files in your Documents folder. That will show you an error which might help you (if you google for it).

The thing that helped me solve it was to look through my Windows Event Viewer (it logs everything that goes wrong on your pc). That showed a file which caused GTA V to crash, so I just uninstalled it (it was 'Hide my IP' or something), and now my crashes are gone. :)


The error might be correct, but it's most likely not since I even get this message whenever I force-quit GTA V through task manager. Changing your password never harms though. :p

Edited by Earleys
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Its very weird, he's opened all ports etc. He can join a room with us and literally screw around for hours but as soon as we try to do a mission it'll throw him shortly after the mission as started. On top of that it shows that he is offline when in fact he is not. He was having no problems until the last patch.

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You cant exclude the fact that some accounts have been compromised, and that someone really could be playing with his account elsewhere.

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He had seen a blurp about the account hacks and changed his password, twice I believe.

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