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Post FX + MSAA Issues

El Oso Blanco

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El Oso Blanco

I've been playing around with the games settings once again. I'm having an issue, wondering if anyone else is having the same.

Post FX doesn't seem to work for me without at least X2 MSAA. At least, I don't notice motion blur, even when maxed out.

With High Post FX and 2x MSAA, everything seems okay. However, as soon as I go to Very High/Ultra, I notice some weird tears at the bottom right corner of my screen. (will post screens later)

Hope someone will be able to help with this issue. Graphics card is in sig, using the latest beta catalyst drivers as well.

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Well the game has just been patched, so the sweet fx things might not be up to date.

Since the mods just came out, and also the game there's bound to be some problems with mods from the start.


Im not entirely sure they are whitelisted either so it might not be legal to mod the game, as far as online atleast.


But anyway, some games just doesn't work correct with sweet fx and typical mods like that one, it all depends on what settings they have inside the vanilla game but if there is a video showing it works, it should basically work.


But as i wrote above, it might just not have been updated yet for the newest version.


Other than that im clueless, i did use sweet fx for gta 4 and dark souls so i know what it is and how it works, but im not gonna use it for gta 5, atleast until i know for sure that you can use it without risking of getting a ban and when i really need it, i think the graphics are good enough as it is for now.

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Hey man I have the exact same issue.I guess its an AMD thing and only a few graphics cards have this issue, but I really dont know why and how.

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I guess you can try to turn off some settings if possible in the graphic card controlcenter like antialising or something similiar to sweet fx and try it, seems to fix some graphical problems in other games.


Atleast it's worth a shot, and without any risk of breaking anything.

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