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Meetups for the Mastermind need improving...?


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So... as some of you may know (i think :p ), sometimes getting a team together for the mastermind can be a pain in the ass... So maybe Rockstar could make something on social club to help with this issue? or maybe they could have some sort of an option in your Heist planning room that enables you to somehow gather a team together more easily?


what are your thoughts on this? :)



Just me ranting on here...



I mean 32.5 million people have bought this game... and I still car't gather a team of 3 people!? what! Ive been trying to do it for 2 mouths!... ugh...


Edited by Guest
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Just go to the meetups section of the forums. There are countless threads about all the challenges there, and not too many replies.


Meetup with peeps from your timezone. Its not difficult at all, and it's a great way of peeting other like minded players.

Edited by sebcreed
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Retired Mafia

as mentioned above by sebcreed in the meetup section there are a dozen of topics and even a pinned topic called "criminal mastermind recruitment hub. enough choice :) but i do advice you do do it with friends because everybody wants 10.000.000$. everybody can post and say they're lvl 80 but have mad skills, never died in a heist, are great drivers. most of them are probally just average skilled if not worse. you can trust friends and even laugh off a failure at some times :)

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first advice is to run with people with a good connection

after that comes being able to run with people that play when you play

after that comes the fact youre better off when everyone you add as a friend played each prep atleast once

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