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Crate drops?


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Sometimes Ron calls me to remind me of crate drops. I thought it was the same as Merryweather ammo drops, but I can't call Ron to drop one.

Now I read somewhere that they spawn every now and then at a few specific locations. I never saw any type of circle at those places saying one should drop soon. Anyone got tips on how to get them?

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During a public session (or a private lobby with a few other players) sometimes after about 40+ minutes in the session (honestly don't remember since it's been a while) you'll get a notification of a Crate Drop incoming.


After that notification you'll see a huge green dot placed somewhere randomly on your map which is where you will be heading as well as other players in the lobby, usually the area will be defended by a few NPCs as well as other players trying to get to it first.


Picking it up gets you a weapon, RP and some cash; however there are times where R* does special events where these crates are turned into "Special Crate Drops" with more bonuses including an exclusive shirt related to the event.


These are usually much more common when there's an actual event going on.

Edited by Johan

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Once I got to the crate drop first as I was in a chopper nearby but there was nothing there, just a flare.

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Thanks, I don't think I've been in a lobby 40 minutes. Explains why I never seen one.

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There's more helpful info at the GTA Wiki:




If you're like me, and just like flying your Buzzard for pretty much any excuse, you'll enjoy them when they happen (but only ~1 in 10 sessions have them during a 48 min. time span).

BUT(!) they're worthless when it comes to content. The last crate drop I collected only contained 750 RP (pitiful!) and a Combat MG (which I already have being over level 120--and even for people who don't have it yet, you'll lose it after you change sessions or exit the game).

Special crate drops are a little better (and more frequent when R* implements them during a holiday, etc.) but even they are pretty sad unless you enjoy chasing them and need the 5,000 RP you usually get (along with about $5,000 GTA$ and whatever collector's T-shirt or hat comes with it).


IMO considering the fact that you usually have to fight a bunch of other players tooth-and-nail for it (it gets crazy!), plus a smattering of over-powered NPCs, R* should be putting more like $10,000 or $15,000 in it, plus more RP, like 10,000 or so.

Edited by DentureDynamite
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Thanks, I don't think I've been in a lobby 40 minutes. Explains why I never seen one.

I'm assuming you're on the PC version right? Because holy cow dude this has been common knowledge since 2013, anyway the only ones worth getting are the special crate drops which usually give you 5k cash and a good chunk of experience also a minigun (:
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No, I play on PS4. But I have it since a month or so now, I never played online when I had it for the Xbox 360.

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