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Story DLC


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okay so I know there are so many topics on this already. But it's getting abit silly now, CAN ANYONE GET A SIMPLE STRAIGHT ANSWER FROM ROCKSTAR???!!!!! Is it coming or not? Last we heard is was coming 2014, and nothing since.

What are rockstar the f***ing secret service?? Can anyone get an answer on the newswire, no details, no screens, all we want is a simple yes or no, I it still coming out at some point?

Surely after all the millions of dollars and time we have put into every gta game since god knows when they could give us an updated YES OR NO???

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Lol Atleast in A few weeks or so is conformation it's still on its way. Last we have is its coming 2014...

Hang on, that was last year!! Did I miss it? Did they Atleast announce a delay on it??? Nope nothing. So where is it???

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* GTA V story DLC is still on the way, as reported to Inquisitr. Rockstar confirmed that it would be a "12 to 20 hour chunk of all new scripted solo player missions, characters, you name it."

No release window was given, however. *

That's the only update I can search on the SP DLC, and afaik, nothing more I have found recently being said something nor having updated anything on the same.

We'll have to wait for the right time.

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A rockstar rep confirmed this to a French journalist... So If that's credible why have rockstar not updated there newswire with Atleast a yes it's coming out. I'm starting to wonder if we have ever had something official on the newswire to say it's coming out, or has it all just been rumours and reps saying things here and there???

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I'm conflicted on whether it's coming or not. On one hand we have people close to Rockstar saying it is, on the other it's been over a year and a half since the base game and it seems as if it will be barely profitable if it were to be released any later (after all Rockstar is a business, not a fan service. Profit is everything).

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Go to you tube and search for jack thrillers Shawn(franklin) Fonteno interview and the answer is there. He said he was going to rock star network to do some recording he even confirmed the dlc.

Edited by SmokesWithCigs
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John The Grudge

A large dlc would generate a fortune for Rockstar so there definitely will be one.

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Alec Skorpio

If the sh*t Solo and Rockstar says is true, it sounds like it's basically going to be a second campaign.

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The Green Sabre

I would hope that it's here before Fall. Wouldn't it be kinda sh*tty to wait for more that two years for the first expansion?

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I haven`t even played the Online heists and I`m not going to. I don`t care about new missions enough to pay money for them, unless there`ll be a significant overhaul of the gameplay features for the OG.

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You won't get an answer no. It is rockstar. You kind of have to wait and put up with it. Or wait and moan, the second one is more popular.


I'm sure one will come eventually, until then try inventing some kind of stasis chamber, make yourself sleep for a month or 3.

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Well, Shawn Fonteno said he was working on DLC. They mentioned it once in the newswire and also mentioned an Assassinations DLC for SP. There is still audio files that mention the casino so that will definitely be opening up and there is also the bahama mamas west interior that isn't (to my knowledge) used.


This DLC would probably introduce mechanics that they also want to implement into GTA Online. Basically, there is no excuse NOT to have an SP DLC. They would make sh*t loads of money for the people who play story mode and even more interest in Online due to the new features.

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Im just surprised that they haven't mentioned the DLC at all since basically December of 2013. We know that the SP Flight School eventually became online exclusive. You think that they would of mentioned it was coming around the time of the PC release so that it was a bit more incentive to players to buy it as a large add on would be coming.


At this point it is very likely that we will be getting this content nearly 2 whole years after the game was released. Thats a long time to wait on a official announcement

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